Managing Your Properties From a Distance

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

You have recently bought a second home in another area or country, you might be wondering what exactly that entails? It can't be difficult right? Managing a second or third property often involves a lot more work than people want to believe. This can be really taxing if you have a full time career or you attempting to manage from a distance with no real control.

CHECK YOUR HOME often meets people who self manage their properties and have been seeking trusted property managers in Spain for years. Our discussions usually cover countless benefits when having help and confirms that personalised property management can relieve a lot of problems you might face when managing from far away.

Relax and Enjoy Your Investment!

You can truly enjoying your holiday home when you visiting instead of spending all your relaxation time calling vendors and fixing issues.

Maintain or Improve on your Home Value

By ensuring your home is always maintained, you guarantee to keep the value of your home high. In some cases, we have even seen property values go up after property management because you have a specialised company focusing on the upkeep of your home while you away for months.

Lessen Your Chances of Theft

In our experience, homes left empty and vulnerable for extended periods of time have become targets for theft and break ins. A lot of home owners wont even know their home has been entered or keys copied until months later. The only way to avoid these issues is ensure you have a trusted property manager to check your home minimum once or bimonthly and report back to you. Trying to manage broken locks, windows or filing reports of theft when you are in another country can be near impossible so avoiding this through regular checks the better route.

Leverage Property Managers Portfolio of Vendors

By leveraging an already vetted portfolio of preferred vendors through a property manager is a sure way of saving money on regular maintenance needed and ensures a certain level of quality. We have also seen maintenance completed much faster and more efficiently when being managed by an experienced professional. This also removes the time it takes for YOU to research the right company to handle every specific issue that pops up unexpectedly.

Less Daily Interruptions for Home Owner

Not only is property management stressful and a 24/7 job, it also interrupts your daily life. You could be on an important business trip or on a special long awaited trip with your family when things go wrong. It can be increasingly frustrating to have constant interruptions when you least expect it, and then throw in the complexities around trying to do all of it abroad. Property Managers are life savers in this sense!

Emergency Issues that Need Immediate Attention

Emergency issues like water leaks, weather damage or pests that need immediate attention means someone is usually required to go to the property immediately. If you are abroad, a property manager is very necessary in these situations.

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